Shadowhawk X800 Flashlight Review – Does This Tactical Military-Grade Flashlight Work?

Here is a review of the Shadowhawk Tactical X800 LED flashlight. It claims to be used and tested by America’s Police Men and Women. Does it really hold up, though? Let’s find out.

Shadowhawk X800 Flashlight Review



This exclusive flashlight was first released to the public on the Internet only, and the product itself is constructed with top shelf aluminum aircraft makeup. The Shadowhawk X800 Military Grade Tactical Flashlight is being touted as the most favored ‘tac-light’ of all of America’s armed forces, including the police and military.

When it first came out, you had to register for a 75% off coupon from the maker’s site Once you got the coupon, you could then actually get to the order form and buy a flashlight.

Those coupons gave early birds a really nice deal . They only had to pay 14 bucks for the flashlight, whereas everyone else had to pay the full price. (which was 56 dollars)

Other promoted features claim this military-grade LED flashlight will keep working for over 11 years of normal use.  It has the ability to zoom-in an amazing 2000 times.

But we know why you are here. We know what you want to know in this ShadowHawk X800 review – so here are the specifications and details you need to make an informed buying decision.



Shadowhawk Tactical Flashlight Features


It has a XPE LED light bulb – which according to the experts, is “one of the most powerful and bright bulbs on the market today”.  If you decide to believe what the experts have to say, then you’ll see that apparently this bulb is incredibly exclusive. The flashlight is one of the very few flashlights in the world to even have such an “amazing light bulb.”

We researched about the company.  We discovered that this company is on point in their ability and success in being one of the very few companies who have their hands on this highly-regarded and specialized LED flashlight bulb.

Another touted feature of this flashlight is that it is military tested. Yes, Shadowhawk claims that this flashlight is a favorite among the American military and police.

Made in the good ol’ USA. Who doesn’t love a good survival and outdoorsy product that is made in America and made just for Americans. When you decide to try out the Shadowhawk X800 TacLight, they tell you clearly that it will be shipped from a California warehouse immediately following your order. That’s good to know that they’re fast and efficient.

Let’s remember that this flashlight is constructed out of aircraft aluminum. Don’t you hate dropping your flashlight and having it completely break?

Well, with the Shadowhawk Tactical X800 flashlight, you won’t have to worry about that anymore… ever again! These things are built to last, and made with “only the strongest military grade aluminum.” The flashlight or any individual part of it will “never break.” (An amazingly true claim)

Addressing one of the Claims


Shadowhawk claims that this flashlight is most favored by the police men and women of the United States. While you might not want to believe this claim, we actually found credible sources who are tactical flashlight experts.

They say this level of information is generally not released to the public, so listen in. Only after years of testing and formal use by many official establishments like the police and military are products like these released to the public. Most people can’t can’t handle the power.

So do not worry if you run google search queries like we did searching for “Shadowhawk Police Flashlight” or “X800 Tactical Military Flashlight” because you will find nothing of relevance or significance (yet).

The Tactical X800 Flashlight Prices

If you’re still looking to buy this flashlight, you can find the prices below. Keep in mind that if you buy in bulk, you’ll actually be paying less for each individual flashlight than if you’d buy them separately.

x800 tactical flashlight

We had one viewer tell us they bought this for his whole family as a survival preparation tool. Here’s the cost breakdown of the Shadowhawk:

  • One Flashlight – 56 dollars
  • Two Flashlights – 97 dollars; you save $5.50 per flashlight
  • Three Flashlights – 134 dollars; you save $11.34 per flashlight
  • Four Flashlights – 169 dollars; you save $13.75 per flashlight
  • Five Flashlights – 196 dollars; you save $16.80 per flashlight
  • Ten Flashlights – 350 dollars; you save $21 per flashlight
  • Fifteen Flashlights – 525 dollars; you save $21 per flashlight
  • Twenty Flashlights – 700 dollars; you save $21 per flashlight

Buying in bulk doesn’t save you any more money if you buy more than 10 flashlights though. Sorry.  There is good news though. If you’re still willing to buy from this company – the 75% off coupons are still available now! They coupons obviously can’t be around for much longer, so act now.


The Verdict

Without question, tactical LED flashlights are becoming a ‘real thing’ on the internet in 2016. This deal offers many added benefits and more advantages than just having a high-powered, military-inspired tactical flashlight. (see the X800 by Shadowhawk) Think about a protection for your family. Think about how useful a near indestructible flashlight would be in your responsable hands!

Our closing suggestion is to just try it – it might cost a little more that what you are used to paying for a flashlight, but chances are your Home Depot won’t hold a candle to the power and brightness the Shadowhawk X800 carries and casts.

P.S.- Most people like to settle for low quality and fragile flashlights. These people are not as prepared. The strong and prepared always prevail. Don’t you want to be better prepared for your next adventure? Don’t you want to prevail in dark and difficult circumstances? If you aren’t blown away by this flashlight, you can actually just return it. You’ll get your money back, so there’s really no risk in seeing if it’s as cool as it seems. We’re excited to see what you think.