About Mike Jeppson

fishermanI’m a full-time blog author, camper, fisherman, &  emergency preparedness advisor. I’m also the chief editor of  Max-Survival.com.

Honestly I don’t trust the U.S. Federal government and I definitely don’t trust society in its current state.  I feel like we’ve weakened from a tribe of strong hunting tribesman to a bunch of sissies that want rights from the government.  Today’s generation (including my own) of men couldn’t survive out in the wild for 3 days without their damn smartphones to tell them what to do.

I’m all about self-reliance. I advocate knowing what our ancestors knew, and being prepared for the inevitable failure of society when nature comes to clean house.


On my blog you’ll find tips about all of the things I’ve come to specialize in.

One rule: No sissies allowed.